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The Stiletto Girls are three friends, C. Deanne Rowe, Magnolia 'Maggie' River, and Glenna West. After spending a week at a lake house together, they began writing and publishing books. These books contain three novellas based on a chosen theme. Chili Peppers rate each story from hot, hotter, hottest. The stories, like the books, can be read in the order of choice. 

Blue Jeans and Stilettos
Ms. Claus Wears Stilettos
Venus in Stilettos
Stilettos in the Sand
Stilettos in Sturgis
Stilettos in the South
Stilettos in Wine Country
Pretty in LIpstick / Wicked in Stilettos
Stilettos at Midnight
Spurs and Stilettos
Stilettos and Linemen
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