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Who doesn't love a secret?

Since many of you are enjoying my book The Secrets of Puckerbrush, I thought I would tell everyone who hasn't read it how they can find this books, and the two other books in the series, Return to Puckerbrush and Beyond Puckerbrush. The series is available to read in Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback for those of you like me and enjoy the feel of a book in your hands.

The idea for The Secrets of Puckerbrush began with the name of a road I would pass on the drive to my son and daughter-in-law's house. When I would see the name Puckerbrush Road, it always made my muse go into overdrive. This is that story. I could see a small town full of hidden secrets. It took several years to write, but the secrets kept coming. I turned the idea into a series which includes Return To Puckerbrush and Beyond Puckerbrush. Here is a picture of the road sign.

I hope all of you have read The Secrets of Puckerbush love reading it as much as I loved writing it, and read the complete series. Enjoy and keep reading!


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