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"In the bible, there is a verse from the book of Job about God giving and God taking away. This echoed for me in Rowe's Shattered Walls: The story of a woman betrayed who finally finds love, only to have it taken away at great cost. Still grieving. Still trying to find her balance, she is given one small miracle that changes the trajectory of her life".   


Sharon Sala - author of Heartbeat. March 2024


Shattered Walls

In the heart of Manhattan, Kate Alden appears to have it all: the owner of a top publishing house, a circle of supportive friends, and a life filled with upscale events. But beneath the facade of her high-society life lies a turbulent past, threatening to shatter the walls she’s carefully built around her darkest memories. 


When an innocent moment triggers a haunting memory from her childhood, Kate’s carefully compartmentalized world begins to crumble. Torn between the shadows of her past and the promise of a future, she finds herself navigating a maze of emotions, relationships, and unexpected alliances. Amidst her struggles, Kate must decide whether to continue hiding behind the walls she's constructed or to confront her fears and start the journey toward healing.


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