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Through My Eyes

Ginger MacDonald on the release her thirtieth novel wants it to be special. She searches out Clay Miller, a cattle rancher and award-winning landscape photographer, for her cover.

Clay is reluctant to sell her one of his landscapes.

Ginger is will to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Compromise, the only way they can come to an agreement, leads to feelings neither one are ready for.



The Family Tree

Emerson Malone is insistent she’ll save mother’s crape myrtle tree from the wildfires no matter what.

Drake Miller, a volunteer firefighter, is insistent she’ll evacuate if he has to carry her out.

When their persistence and lives collide, will Emerson get her way and save her tree or will Drake get his way and force her to evacuate?

Will the winds change direction and put Emerson’s plans in danger from the wildfires and from Drake Miller?



Bread, Beignets, and Cowboy Boots

Felicity Mae Fortner returns to Texas after her grandmother’s passing, only to learn she inherited half her grandmother’s bakery. Half to her and half to Rayne Miller, a bread-baking cowboy from Miller Canyon Ranch who used to drive her crazy.

Can Felicity forget their past differences and learn to work with Rayne?

Can Rayne put aside his secret crush on Felicity and see her as a business partner?

Felicity’s Bakery could finally bring them together, or drive them apart forever.