WOTL Book Launch

June 23, 2011 was one of those red-letter days in my life I will remember forever.  It will be stored in my memory banks as one of the best days of my life along with my wedding day, the birth of my children and grandchildren.  One of those dream-come-true days which you can relive every meaningful detail and recall every emotion.

I have always had the dream of becoming a published author.  I realized that dream on May 11, 2011 when I received a proof of my first book which is an anthology with two writing friends titled ‘Blue Jeans and Stilettos’.  On June 23, 2011 Writers of the Lake held a book launch to celebrate our book.  The three of us, Magnolia Rivers, Jordyn Meryl and myself planned the celebration.  We rented the Thoreau Center, a wonderful older home which has room enough to hold a party like what we had planned.  We ordered a cake which turned out to be gorgeous.

  We had a centerpiece made to match the theme of our book.

  We planned to give away beautiful jeweled stilettos key chains with the first 100 books we sold.  We wanted everything to be tasteful and perfect.  We sent out invitations to everyone we knew, posted the event on Facebook sending out invitations to all of the people we are friends with.  We talked about our celebration at all of our writing groups and made sure everyone knew we wanted them to come.  Between the three of us we expected a nice crowd, enough people to help us celebrate a very special event. 

The two days prior to our book launch had been spent preparing for this event.  Having our hair and nails done, our makeup carefully applied the day of so we would look our very best.  Donning our blue jeans and stilettos, the theme of the party, the three of us planned to greet our guests, provide them with punch and snacks, hold a question and answer session so the attendees could ask us what burning questions were on their minds.  We were thinking it would be a nice, tastefully done celebration in which everyone who wished could purchase a copy of our book, we would willing autograph for them, taking a few minutes to thank them and they would go home with our new book to read immediately or  place on their ‘to be read’ list.  This would be the perfect book launch.

Well, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect book launch even if it was not at all what we expected.  People began showing up at least one hour before the launch was to begin.  We hurriedly set up the tables for the refreshments, readied the room for our guests and began signing books.  We signed one after another, after another, after another.  At one time during the evening, every room in the Thoreau Center was full of people sitting, talking and enjoying the ambiance of their surroundings and a special evening. 

We took a break from signing at 7:30 to hold a short question and answer session.  There was standing room only.  When we looked out into the room, there were people everywhere.  Friends, acquaintances, co-workers and people we hadn’t seen in a few years.  People whose lives we have crossed at one time or another.  People who were there to show us support for what we were doing, People who made us feel special, important and gave us what I considered a once in a lifetime, memory making night. 

I can never repay the wonderful feelings, the compliments, the praise and adoration I felt from everyone in the room.  I will forever be grateful to these people, who for one night, made a dream of mine come true.  It was such a wonderful feeling and a night I will never forget.  All I can say is ‘Thank you’ over and over again.  I know I can never repay what was given to myself and my friends that night.  I can only hope in the future for some struggling, first-time author I can pay it forward.

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