Why I choose to write a story for Shades of Pink ~ Mitzi Calerone

bedding sheets and pillow sleep bedWhy I choose to write a story for Shades of Pink.

As a woman I know that breast cancer is a possibility. I know a few people who have had it so this was a way of remembering them. While working on the story I found out a dear Author friend has breast cancer I was so heartbroken over the news. I kept on writing for her as I was finishing my story. She is battling still and I know that she is a strong woman and will beat it. I can’t help but think of her and all the other women who have fought this battle. Breast cancer is a scary thing for anyone to have to face. I know men can get it also. I think as people we always forget that men can get it.  As we think breast we think women have breast, we don’t think about how men have breasts also, just not as big.  lol.

Breast Cancer is something we all need to help fight.

Mitzi Calderone

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