These eyes

After throwing away two broken umbrellas in the same day, my dear husband bought me a new one.  Appreciative, I stored it away in the cubby of my car door for easy access and safe keeping.  My mind was on follow-up doctor appointments which were scheduled for me the next day.  Dear husband took vacation from work to go with me for support. 

Climbing in the passenger side of the car, I spotted the umbrella in the cubby of the driver’s door.  Making casual conversation, I asked dear husband why he bought a green umbrella.  They had to have other colors to pick from.  I’m not sure what I was expecting him to say.  Maybe, it was this or leopard print, I could have bought paisley, there was one with big huge flowers or I could have not bought you one.  Whatever I was expecting, it wasn’t what he replied.  Because it matches your eyes. 

When you have been married over thirty years like we have, these moments can be few and far between.  He took me completely by surprise.  Dear husband has forgotten my birthday, come close to forgetting our anniversary and waited until the last minute to plan anything for Mother’s Day, but he remembered the color of my eyes.  I’m a happy wife.

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