Presidential Gavel

Well, I made it through my first 2011 Two Rivers Romance Authors meeting as President.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought even though one member of our group fired me before the meeting began.  To make a long story short, we had lost our meeting place and had to arrange to meet at another location.  After 50 million emails (I exaggerate), we decided to meet at another member’s house.  It was a very trying ordeal but we managed to resolve it.  I feel like I have been thoroughly initiated into the Presidential position. 

But, in my new position as President, I’m wondering exactly what I have gotten myself into.  Each time I emailed the former President I received a reply which contained ROFLMFAO.  I’m not quite sure how to take those responses.  Anyway, I managed to survive.  I prepared my agenda and stuck to it.  I covered all the bases we needed to cover.  We even had a first time visitor, Mary.  She insured us she would like to come back to another meeting.  I thought that was a sign I had done a good job leading the group.  I received a few pats on the back and a few ‘great job’ which made me feel better about my abilities to lead our group. 

Now the first meeting is behind me it’s time to start preparing for the February meeting of Two Rivers Romance Authors.  I’ve already started my agenda for the meeting.  We have a great program lined up.  Author Francesca Hawley will discuss “The Long and Short of It” writing novels and novellas.  Everyone is looking forward to this discussion. 

I guess it won’t be so bad and I’ll give the Presidency another try next month.  After I polish my gavel  

and come up with a reply to ROFLMFAO.  Any suggestions?

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