Friends Book Available

My friend and fellow Saturday Writer, Malynda McCarrick, has published her first book.  It is available on Smashwords or Amazon in ebook format.  Below is the link and information.  You should check it out if you like a good read. 

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Available at

And at

“Ghosts, Gunman and the Grinning Cat”                     

 It’s a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time when hotel owner, Danielle Jacobs, becomes the target of an obsessed killer. With the Holidays approaching, all Danielle wants to focus on is booking rooms and entertaining her guests, she doesn’t have the time or patience for the bad guy who seems determined to piss her off with his clumsy mischief.

When the mischief turns deadly, Danielle’s odd bunch of protectors come to her defense including her employee and Goth best friend, Roxie, and the not-so-dead-and-buried former hotel residents.

Though the days are heating up with repeated attempts on her life, the nights take on a sizzle of their own. A new guest has checked in and Danielle is having trouble concentrating on hotel business when the handsome stranger is determined to make her his business.

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