feeling blessed

I had written a short tribute to Valentine’s Day sharing how I hoped your significant other made you feel special and loved.  I touched all the areas of flowers, cards, candy.

I also covered words.  Did you and your significant other tell each other how you feel?  My co-worker received a text from her husband a few days before Valentine’s Day explaining how he had just made a delivery to a couple.  The woman had been difficult to work with.  My co-worker’s husband thought to stop and text his wife I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. 

Sharing your feelings every day, not just Valentine’s Day, is so very important.  Don’t wait.  That point was made clear to me in a difficult way.

The direction of my tribute changed when I learned I lost a friend on Valentine’s Day.  We graduated from high school together and like all of our other classmates, we all went our own direction.  We had recently re-connected on Facebook along with other classmates.

Steve was a terrific storyteller.  Everyone enjoyed reading all of his journal entries.  However Steve spun his tale, it could make you laugh and think.  He bought a lot of our classmates back together making us understand the importance of keeping in touch with the people who were an important part of our lives from our youth on.

Steve passed his love of words, love of God and love of good deeds to his family.  This was apparent in their tribute on Steve’s Facebook page:

 His family members ask that you honor him by smiling through the pain, doting upon your children and grandchildren, tolerating someone difficult, making amends, being a better friend, help someone in need and most importantly-turning to someone you love, right now, and telling them so. These are all qualities that he possessed and that the world needs more of.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to read anymore of Steve’s posts or journal entries.  I just hope he knows how many he touched and taught and how much we all enjoyed reading what he shared.

Here’s Steve’s post from February 11, 2015:

I had a much, much needed talk with God about 3:00am this morning…..and now once again I’m forgiven and cleansed from all unrighteousness.( 1st John 1:9 ) God is so good to me….AND I didn’t even have to wake Him up either…

 — feeling blessed.

RIP Steve.

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