Chapter One


IT’S BETTER IN THE DARK.   Spend an evening rediscovering your sensesLet us give you a fantasy night to remember in a perfectly safe environment.

“This is it.  Lindsey, come here.  Hurry!”
Emma frantically waved her free hand in Lindsey’s direction trying not to spill the coffee occupying her other hand.
‘I found the perfect birthday present for Sophie.”

“What?” Lindsey asked.  “What are you screaming about?”

“Look at this.”  Emma pointed to the advertisement on the bulletin board placed strategically on the wall by the door of the Morning Brew
Coffee Shop.  “That’s perfect for Sophie.  You know how hard she is to buy for and she’s been complaining about her boring life lately.”

“Our Sophie?”  Lindsey patted her chest and laughed.

“So we are going to hire a male prostitute to spend an evening with our Sophie for her birthday.”  Lindsey laughed.  “Classy.
You know she’d never go for that.   You’ve had some crazy ideas Emma, but this one takes the cake.”

“Stop it,”  Emma said.  “It’s not a male prostitute.  That’s not what it says.”  Emma put her hand on her hips and let out a huff making Lindsey aware she was a little miffed she would think that of her.  “I wouldn’t think of doing that at all.   This sounds different.  I’m going to call and see what it’s about.”

“You do that, Emma.”  Lindsey sipped her coffee.  “Just leave my name off if it’s something creepy.”

“If my weird alarm goes off, I’ll make sure and tell you.”  Emma took one of the brochures and placed it in her purse as they headed for the
door of the Morning Brew Coffee shop.  “It sounds like fun.”

Lindsey walked ahead, throwing Emma a look over her shoulder.
“If you are really serious, maybe someone here knows something about
it.  After all, they let them leave

“Good idea.  I’ll ask.” Emma turned and headed back to the counter.

“Can you tell me anything about this business?”  She laid the brochure in
front of the young girl running the register.

“Let me get Duncan.   Just a sec.”  The girl disappeared into the back room.

She, Lindsey and Sophie had been coming to this coffee shop several times a week the past few years.  They knew just about everyone who
worked there even the guy Sophie had a crush on, but she wasn’t sure who the young girl had gone to retrieve.   She and Lindsey were positive if Sophie became involved with the guy behind the counter she might have some fun, but she would be paying for most of the dates.  So far they had been successful convincing her and Sophie had kept her distance.

Sophie’s handsome attraction came walking through the doorway.
“I’m Duncan Tait.  Can I help you?”

“Hi.  I hope so.”
Emma, distracted for a second by his sexy half smile, slid the brochure across the countertop.  “I wondered if you could tell me anything about this brochure.”

“It does sound interesting.  I know a little bit about it.”  Duncan handed her back the brochure.  “They have a very nice setup over on Logan Street.  I know a few people who work there.”  Emma noticed how Duncan’s smile became warmer.  “A nice way to spend an evening don’t you

“Can you tell me exactly what it is?”  Emma asked.

“I can tell you if you call they will take you on a tour.  If you decide you want to give it a try, you can make an appointment or think
about it and call back.”

“It does sound fascinating.  I will call about a tour. We are thinking of giving this to a friend for her birthday.  She’s very hard to buy for and she would never do anything like this on her own.”

“Would it be your friend with the long blonde hair?”  His posture straightened.  “I see the three of you in here together a lot.  I noticed she
wasn’t here today.”

“Yes.  She couldn’t make it today,”  Emma asked.
“Duncan right?  Thanks for the information.  I’ll make sure and tell Sophie you asked about her.”

“Sophie.”  He spoke her name softly.   “Anytime I can help.  Give them my name when you make your reservation and they will give you a discount.
You’ll have to let me know if Sophie enjoys her present.”

“I will,” Emma replied as she ran to catch up with Lindsey walking out the door.  “That was very interesting.”

“So what do you think?”  Lindsey took a sip of the coffee.  “You still want to check into it.”

“Yes,” Emma replied.   “I think it could be the perfect present for Sophie.”

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