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I wish I had an eloquent story of how I began writing.  Unfortunately I don’t.  Growing up in Oklahoma I was always the dreamer.  My thoughts were never completely in the present where they needed to be.  I learned when I was young it was easier for me to put my feelings down on paper than to express them in spoken form.  I started writing poetry and short stories to help express those feelings.

After thousands of trips to the bookstore and many writing related books later, I finally found the nerve to register for a romance writing class through Adult Education.  I had a fantastic teacher.  Thanks to her support, that was the turning point of my writing career.  From there I have met the most wonderful group of people who, believe it or not, want to write just like I do.  I found I wasn’t alone.  There were people who could teach me what I needed to know and learn what they needed to know right along with me.

I joined a local writing group, Saturday Writers.  I became a member of Romance Writers of America, Two Rivers Romance Authors and I am also one of The Stiletto Girls.  I belong to a group of women named Plotters Anonymous and a Critique group where I believe I have learned the most to further my writing career.

I wanted someone to tell me writing was easy and my writing was wonderful, fantastic…the next best seller.  Nothing could be farther from the truth but I’m not giving up.  Writing has become like breathing for me.  This has been the best learning process and I am looking forward to what is ahead of me.  With my family and friends continued loving support, the best is yet to come.

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2 Responses to About Deanne

  1. Pamala Mosley says:

    Just wanted to say.. Hip hip hooray for you!! How fulfilling and exciting to do what you love! I admire your ambition and dedication Deanne.. Keep on ‘breathing’ and enjoy the journey!! ^_^

  2. CDeanne (1 comments.) says:

    Thank you Pam. It is good to hear from you. Keep in touch.

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