2010 GOALS

My nine month old granddaughter, Alexa Reese, started walking this week. I still am in awe of how fast babies learn and grow. In less than one year she has gone from being a newborn infant who only knew to cry to get her needs met to feeding herself, communicating her feelings of unconditional love for her Mommy and Daddy to her delight for almost everything new she accomplishes. It’s wonderful to watch and all of us are very proud of her.

The first of the year I turned in my writing goals to my writing chapter president. Those goals came easy because I love writing and my dream is to be published. All these goals will move me closer to accomplishing that dream. At the end of next year the president will pull out the list and everyone in the chapter who reached their goals will receive awards if they reached those goals. I reached all my goals last year and I’m looking forward to reaching them this year. She made sure the goals we listed were goals we could control the outcome, goals we alone were responsible for attaining.

As for personal goals I had a hard time with these. I came up with usual ones, losing weight and getting healthy, making more money. I have some written on paper and some hanging on the wall in my office. I can say as of almost the end of January I haven’t accomplished anything towards obtaining my personal goals. I remember the passing thought of not making goals this year. I remember thinking I could just be satisfied with the way I am and what I have. After all, my life is comfortable. I have pretty much everything I have ever really needed. I have a good job, a nice house, a wonderful husband and family. Then I saw my granddaughter walking. I had to ask myself how could I take my life, health and time with my family for granted. Just because I’m a grandmother doesn’t mean I’m that old. I’m still healthy enough to exercise every day. I still have many years ahead to accomplish lots of good things. How could I just not care or even try to make a difference or believe I could make a difference in the way my life is lived? I lectured myself, gave myself a pep talk, rewrote my goals and all I can say now is that I have eleven more months to accomplish them. Thanks Alexa Reese.

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